Cut + Pays

Working Through Some Things


Running into obese lineman full speed, constantly competing with younger talent, and wearing upwards of 10 pounds of equipment in the blistering heat of August are all things that are required in my line of work. While playing between the lines for more than half my life, in the back of my head, I know I’m only one catastrophic injury away from retirement. This thought alone has lead me to explore different passions off the gridiron.

Enter: Cut + Pays

These stories are heavily influenced by my experiences growing up in Los Angeles, being in the middle of the have and the have-nots, while finding out just where I fit in this world.

Cut + Pays is a platform unlike anything I have ever done where I plan to show random scenes from projects I am working on. Every scene is a work in progress but feel free to comment.

Be Well,

                  – Pays